Packaging Printing Services

The high-quality offset printing process 

With advanced printing technology and experienced staff, Khang Thanh offers 3 - 8 colour offset printing services, providing customers with exquisite and premium paper packaging products.

The printing process is carried out using modern techniques, from utilizing high-quality ink to strict quality control procedures, ensuring optimal colour and detail in the final products.

Offset printing provides superior image quality, cost savings, efficiency, simplicity of production, and durability, making it the preferred method for packaging needs.

International standard packaging printing

Khang Thanh takes pride in being a G7 standard-certified printing company and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Adhering to printing processes and standards not only ensures better quality control of printed products but also simplifies the working process between Khang Thanh and its customers.

We believe that each printed packaging product represents not only a part of the overall product but also conveys the message of the business and brand.

Let us solve your packaging needs with standardized, safe, and high-quality packaging solutions.

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